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LuxGlo Sponsor Provides Elite Tanning Solutions to Minnesotans

LuxGlo, the official 2023 spray tan sponsor for Minnesota Swim Week, provides elite tanning solutions for tanning. LuxGlo is spearheaded by artist Stephanie, and delivers a convenient, comfortable, and quick mobile spray tan.


"We are a completely mobile service which means we come to you every single time. No leaving the house, no having to plan for a baby sitter, no taking extra time out of your busy schedule."


"We know getting a spray tan can be a vulnerable experience, that's why offering a mobile service allows you to get your self care on in the comfort of your own home."

Quick & Easy

"We understand you're busy, that's why we are able to offer a full pampering service that makes you feel beautiful afterward in just 30 minutes."

For more information, please visit

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